Personal training services – also in English!

Joy of movement is the basis of my work. It is important for me to find the training ways and methods that you enjoy. My main goal is to keep you motivated throughout the whole journey from the starting point to the goal.

The training programs are customized according to your needs – when, how often, and where, taking your life situation into consideration.

Training places vary from gyms or swimming halls to outdoors, home training, whatever fits you best. I have wide-ranging experience, which makes it possible to train in versatile ways.

I also serve small groups or company teams. Please contact me to get a customized package just for you!


Workout programs and nutrition

Get a complete workout program that can include e.g. gym exercise, functional training, kettlebell workout, restorative practice, walking, rollerblading, swimming, skiing, home workouts, group exercise, crossfit… After a thorough survey in the beginning of our cooperation, I will build a training program that meets your needs.

To support a good workout program, I recommend you to get also an individual diet plan. The diet plan is based on a food diary the customer keeps and I analyze, in addition to the needs, goals, and wishes of the customer. I favor diet plans that are flexible and not too strict, but can also make more rigorous plans, in case that is what you prefer.

Let me know about your situation and goals: how much have you exercised before, what is your current condition, and what are your goals? What is your motivation level and readiness – where, when, and how often are you willing to train? Do you need support in nutrition too? How long a commitment are you able to make at the moment, for the cooperation? Send me a message to and I will provide you with an offer!


I am a trained and certified personal trainer, wellness coach, and gym instructor. I have experience in e.g. ice skating, cheerleading, acrobatics, gym training, and snowboarding. I have been exercising my whole life, and in the spring 2013 I started my work as a personal trainer.

Customer testimonials

”Nana is skilled and energetic personal trainer, who truly cares about the client’s wishes and goals. She has always found a solution that meets my needs and joyfully motivated me forward. With her help I’ve reached my goals and am in better condition!” -Woman, 31 yrs.

”After working out with several other personal trainers, I warmly recommend trying Nana’s services. She is able to adapt to the customer’s needs, while being encouraging and versatile. Nana also develops her skills continuously.” -Woman, 46 yrs.

”A versatile trainer, who is developing her skills all the time, suprising you with new workouts in every training. The workout routines are always efficient and comprehensive. Lovely and happy person.” – Woman, 42 yrs.

”Nana is awesome in so many ways! Happy, positive, but above all proficient personal trainer – a fun workout is guaranteed. Nana’s attitude to life is inspirational and motivating. Excellent idol for a young woman.” – Woman, 21 yrs.

“I have been trained by Nana 5 months now. She is a great match for me as a coach. She has helped me to find my specific outline goals and guided me forward them without pushing too hard. She is very professional, down to earth, and very respectful, she is always listening to you and taking care. I find myself motivated and always willing to attend next training because I have fun doing the exercises with her, she knows very well which are my limits and possibilities. After 5 months I have noticed a huge change in how I feel about myself!” -Male, 40 yrs.


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